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In app.config, add the following to "org.hanzify.llf.Settings" section:

<add key="AutoCreateTable" value="true" />

This will activation auto create table feature.

When some code want access database by using object model, DbEntry will try to create the table first if it doesn't exist.

This feature only works when the table doesn't exist, it doesn't judge columns.

This feature only works for ORM functions, execute sql directly doesn't raise it.

The default value of AutoCreateTable is false.

This feature will help us to implements application prototype faster, it should only used in development or test.

When the application deploy to the working environment, change the value as false or delete this line in config.


  • MySql doesn't have Unicode type of string, so if you spacify the string column as Unicode type in object model, the created column size maybe not what you thought by using MySql.

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