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To install to your computer:

  1. Ensure you have vs2010/vs2012/vs2013 installed
  2. Download the setup file
  3. Unpack it
  4. Run Leafing.Setup.msi
  5. Leafing.Setup.msi will automaticly start to install vs template by the end of installation prograss, install it as well
  6. Open vs2010/vs2012/vs2013, create a new project with template named "DbEntryClassLibrary 4.2"
  7. Start your journey from here


  • Vista/Win7/Win8 user may have issue that can not find the template "DbEntryClassLibrary 4.2", please open dialog in menu "Tools -> Extention Manager" and enable "DbEntryClassLibrary 4.2" first.
  • Old user of DbEntry.Net need to uninstall early version. And uninstall vs template manually in vs IDE.
  • If there is no "DbEntryClassLibrary 4.2" in "Tools -> Extention Manager", try to install it manually by run "DbEntryClassLibrary.vsix" in DbEntry installation path.

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