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DbEntry.Net (Leafing Framework)

DbEntry.Net (Leafing Framework) is a lightweight, high performance ORM compnent for .Net 4.0. It has clearly and easily programing interface. It based on ADO.NET, and supported C#, Visual Basic, ASP.NET etc. It also provide DbEntryDataSource for ASP.NET 2.0 and a Rails style MVC framework and a simple IoC framework.

The samples of the release package all TESTED on Sql Server 2005 Express, Sql Server 2008, MySql 5.0, SQLite 3, Access 2003, Firebird 2.1.0, PostgreSQL 8.3.3 and Oracle 10g express.


  • Linq support
  • FluentInterface query syntax
  • RoR ActiveRecord style syntax
  • Ambient transaction
  • Dynamic object
  • Partial update
  • 1:1 1:Many Many:Many relations
  • Auto create table
  • Anti sql injection
  • Multiple data source
  • Object validation
  • Paged selector and collection
  • Nullable support
  • DbEntryDataSource
  • ASP.NET 2.0 Membership support
  • Built-in Cache Support
  • Ruby On Rails style MVC framework
  • Simple IoC framework
  • High performance, almost same as using ADO.NET directly
  • Lightwight, the binary file only about 360KB

First sight:


Tutorials For Version 4.2


For MySql, SQLite and Firebird, please install the .net driver first, to unpack 7z archieve, please install 7-Zip: Examples: My Homepage, Blog(Chinese) and email:

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