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About Namespaces

The Namespaces of DbEntry is organized by its functionality. It has a common prefix namespace Leafing, it’s my homepage address by reversed.

The util assembly has some utilities:
  • util has the common utilities.
  • Coding has coding transfer classes, specify for HexStringCoding.
  • Logging for log system, there is another part of it in the Data assembly to provide log to database.
  • Setting has setting loader.
  • Text has some common functions to use text.
  • TimingTask has the timing task component.

The Data assembly has the core database access component:
  • Data has the common ORM classes.
  • Builder has the SQL builder in it. Normally we don’t need use it directly.
  • Common has the non-sorted classes in it, sometimes we need use it.
  • Definition has the classes for object definition.
  • Dialect has the databases dialect in it. I don’t think we will use it directly.
  • Driver has the database drivers to provide basic ADO.NET components.
  • Logging has the part of log system in database.
  • QuerySyntax has the query syntax support classes, it not for use directly.
  • SqlEntry has the classes we need to call SQL directly.

So, when we define the object, we just need Leafing.Data.Definition.

When we use ORM, we just need Leafing.Data.

When we use SQL, we need Leafing.Data.SqlEntry, maybe Leafing.Data too.

If we want use some functions in Common, we need Leafing.Data.Common.

How to use the utilities is on your own. :)

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