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DB Enums

DbEntry also provides an enum type read from database.

The table name is LeafingEnum. It could created by auto create table feature.

And it also designed to work together with .net enums.

It only read when we use it, and won’t read it again.

The following shows how to use it. And this is a sample in the released package:

public enum DotNetEnum
    [ShowString("In Design")] InDesign

public class Enums
    public static readonly DbEnum Headship = new DbEnum(0);
    public static readonly DbEnum Container = new DbEnum(1);
    public static readonly DbEnum Level = new DbEnum(2);
    public static readonly DbEnum Status = new DbEnum(typeof(DotNetEnum));

class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
        Console.WriteLine("Enum Headship:");
        Show( Enums.Headship );

        Console.WriteLine("Enum Container:");
        Show( Enums.Container );

        Console.WriteLine("Enum Level:");
        Show( Enums.Level );

        Console.WriteLine("Enum Mode:");
        Show( Enums.Status );

        Console.WriteLine( "Enum Container String:\n{0} = {1}\n", 1, Enums.Container[1] );


    public static void Show(DbEnum de)
        string[] ss = de.GetNames();
        foreach ( string s in ss )
            Console.WriteLine( "{0} = {1}", s, de[s] );

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