For some databases, the table name or/and column name need set as Upper or lower, it’s easy to compare, but is not good to read.

For example, if we have a table name that is SystemLog, and the name in database will be SYSTEMLOG. DbEntry provides a mapping from code class name to database table name, with it, the table name will be SYSTEM_LOG.

This is for the class which is not define the DbTable or JoinOn.

And there is a prefix for many-to-many cross table name is "R_". So the cross table of Article and User will be R_ARTICLE_USER.

This is the default configure by now. But if we have some old code and don’t want to change the database table name, we can define it in App/Web.config:

<add key="NameMapper" value="Leafing.Core.Text.NameMapper, Leafing.Core" />

There is another NameMapper will help us to map table name pluralize. It means if we have a class model named "Book", the mapped table name will be "Books", the "Category" will be "Categories", and "Person" will be "People". The config of it is:

<add key="NameMapper" value="Leafing.Core.Text.InflectionNameMapper, Leafing.Core" />

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